Fuck the paperwork
“Why don't you like to be touched" Ana whispered, staring up into soft grey eyes. "Because I'm fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia”


Fifty Shades of Grey » CHAPTER ONE {x}

Olivia leaps up and retrieves my jacket, which Grey takes
from her before she can hand it to me. He holds it up and,
feeling ridiculously self-conscious, I shrug it on. Grey places
his hands for a moment on my shoulders. I gasp at the con-
tact. If he notices my reaction, he gives nothing away. His
long index finger presses the button summoning the elevator,
and we stand waiting—awkwardly on my part, coolly self-pos-
sessed on his. The doors open, and I hurry in, desperate to escape. I really need to get out of here. When I turn to look
at him, he’s gazing at me and leaning against the doorway
beside the elevator with one hand on the wall. He really is
very, very good-looking. It’s unnerving.

Anastasia,” he says as a farewell.

Christian,” I reply. And mercifully, the doors close.
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Small things that make Christian Grey very INTENSE.

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